10 Beautiful App Website Examples

Okay, so you’re looking for some inspiring app website examples. Or maybe need some inspiring templates? We’ve made a great collection to get the inspiration you’re looking for.
Published July 26, 2022

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Bart Stemkens is a growth advisor for tech startups. He loves building online businesses and bringing them to live through bold ideas.

So you have successfully developed your application, and now you are ready to share it with the world and make money from it. What better way to get publicity than showing off your creation through a website that would represent your app in the best way possible.

From e-commerce and product apps to news sites, text documents to automobiles, here are 10 great app website examples for inspiration in your next project.

Nowadays, a certain look and feel are unique to these app website examples. They tend to be simple but professional, clean-looking, and well-designed. The first impressions of your app and brand will be formed by its visual design; thus, it makes sense to include animations and icons into the layout of your app website.

These sites typically have eye-catching design elements, such as bold hues, large visuals, and engaging media. We’ve seen that the design of interfaces has gotten increasingly sharp and detailed.

But you might want to invest in progressive web apps (PWA), a concept coined by Google if you’re going to provide a much better web experience for app users. This kind of website works and looks similar to your native app but is customized for your devices.

These web apps take advantage of current web technology to provide app-like functionality and experience directly in browsers. Users do not need to install your app on their devices to gain access to your app’s information and services.

PWAs for desktops can be opened to a separate window like other apps, accessed through a desktop shortcut, and uninstalled like native apps.

Check out these app website examples:


1. Starbucks

Starbucks is one of the app website examples that you should visit. It has a progressive web app (PWA) version of their app in its online ordering system.

Not only is their website minimalist and pleasing to look at, but it also provides an accessible and user-friendly interface that allows the company’s consumers to have a similar experience to the actual Starbucks app.

It allows users to browse the menu, customize orders, and place items in their carts, even in offline mode or at their own convenience. They may look at location-specific prices online and order food and drinks.

Most PWA is functional without a network connection, so it’s ideal for on-the-go consumers or emerging markets like areas with unstable internet connections.

Starbucks has achieved great success with its new PWA. They increased the number of daily web orders, and desktop users now order as often as mobile users.


2. Google Docs

Google Docs became popular due to limited face-to-face interactions and the increasing demand for online collaborative work. It is a free, web-based online word processor that lets users create, edit, and share documents collaboratively in real-time.

What’s great about this is that it allows you to work on your joint projects from the comforts of your mobile phone using the Google Docs app, or you can access it on your web browser on any operating system.

Not only is it functional during the offline mode, but it also allows syncing once an internet connection is available. To access your files offline and on the web with the PWA, you need to download the Google Docs Offline Chrome extension.

Its interface is simplistic yet functionally straightforward because it is primarily used for text documents. 


3. Netflix

When talking about apps that are transforming streaming experiences, you can’t simply miss out on Netflix. It is the most popular and leading video streaming service to date that offers a wide range of shows and movies.

This app website has a simple and user-friendly layout that makes it easier for users to find what they are looking for, making it an efficient streaming platform.

Similar to other web applications, Netflix subscribers can watch and stream whenever they want on any device since it works with a wide variety of platforms. The success of Netflix demonstrates why app website examples like this make excellent content platforms.

4. Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint used to be desktop apps that required installation on your computer, and files had to be stored on your hard drive.

Microsoft Office is currently available as a web app suite with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. This app website example is gaining popularity, much like Google Workspace.

Users can safely upload their files, collaborate on shared documents online, and the suite has recently added collaborative tools like Microsoft’s Teams. You can also get the desktop and mobile apps for Microsoft Office, as well as the web-based ones.

5. Pinterest

Pinterest is where you can go for design inspirations and ideas for your next big project. It is a social media platform for sharing and saving images, GIFs, and short videos online and organizing them in the form of virtual cork boards known as “pinboards.”

Their Pinterest Progressive Web App provided a better user experience because of its faster performance and smooth user interaction.

Converting native app users to the mobile web ultimately led to higher user engagement, increased user-generated ad revenue, and time spent on the mobile web.

Its web design offers engaging media and its interface is customized to directly cater to users’ interests and preferences. 


6. Uber 

Uber is a mobility service provider with operations in approximately 72 countries across the globe. The first thing that probably comes to mind when you think of Uber is getting a quick ride through your mobile device.

As the company expanded its reach, it focused on delivering quality user experience regardless of location, network speed, and device. It prioritized its mobile app and desktop counterpart, either through the Uber Progressive Web App (PWA) or the website.

The Uber PWA allows users to have an app-like experience accessible to all browsers. Users experience a fast loading time and smooth booking experience because of its significantly lightweight interface.

This app website example has cinematic and people-centered visuals that effectively communicate their commitment to a safe consumer experience.


7. Spotify

Everyone’s favorite music streaming service launched its progressive web app counterpart to provide music lovers and listeners with exceptional user experiences available to all platforms. Even better, you won’t even feel a huge difference.

Spotify’s PWA delivers better speed and responsiveness for desktop users than its native app. It also became more accessible because users were encouraged to place it on their home screen.

This app website example has a clean layout and features an adaptive and personalized user interface in which the background colors change according to user interaction. After its launch, Spotify saw an increase in its free-to-paid conversion.


8. AliExpress

AliExpress is a go-to online retail service platform to shop for everything you need.

After investing in a progressive web app, it created an engaging desktop experience identical to its mobile app version in every way except for the lack of an installation process. It significantly improved user experience and satisfaction with its website, resulting in increased user engagement and cross-border buyers.

It may be challenging to maintain an uncluttered website for an e-commerce platform. Yet, this app website example delivers a simple user interface, easy navigational options, and a clean aesthetic to get your shopping done in a breeze.


9. Flipboard

Flipboard is the most widely used social magazine that lets users stay updated on everything that interests them in one convenient platform.

It gathers news and stories from across the globe and presents them in a magazine-style format, specially catered to user interests. Users may have personalized Flipboard magazines to share with others for them to read.

Flipboard is an excellent example of a progressive web app. Its minimal data usage provides an optimized, quick browsing experience without sacrificing a clean and attractive user interface.

Flipboard used to be a mobile app. But with PWA technology, the company has increased user traction and engagement. Desktop users may now access the fully-featured app regardless of the device used, with a smooth experience comparable to the original.

10. BMW

BMW, a forerunner in the automobile industry, shows it is not afraid to embrace the new technology by incorporating them into both its vehicles and its website.

The company prioritized producing informative and engaging material to enhance user experience.

Users should expect nothing less than a “wow” from the new BMW’s progressive web app. This app website example features classy and high-definition visuals instantly noticeable upon visit.

The loading speed with which pages may be viewed is four times faster than the old version. Using a mobile device, users may swipe through never-ending and immersive material presented in ‘loops.’ But with a well-designed PWA reading experience, more car customers became more engaged and interested in BMW products.

Given that these app website examples have their own unique touch, you might wonder, how should I do mine?

We looked at 10 great app website examples – or websites for companies that make apps – and see what they’re doing right. Remember that the first step to getting the word out and attracting potential users is to build a functioning and attractive app website.

If you still want more examples and perhaps a piece of advice on your app website, come give us a tap. We are a group of experts that caters to your app website needs.