10 Mixpanel Alternatives You Should Consider

Mixpanel is a great tool. But for some situations, it might be work to check out Mixpanel alternatives. We’ve carefully created an overview for you.

Published October 17, 2022

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When we venture into production management, we ensure we need every bit of analysis we have for a customer. It enables us to upgrade or create a well-established product. So this is where many processes butt in— customer interviews, surveys, and in-product analytics. 

As people working in the production, we have garnered a lot of questions about how the customers use our product. Questions like, “How much time do users spend on the app?” or maybe “Which product feature gets the least amount of interaction?” or could be like “What does the customer use the most?”

These clues allow us to think about how to improve their experience critically. As technology continues to generate more help, product analytics have also evolved. And with the use of product analytics tool, we gain insights quickly.


What is Mixpanel?

One prevalent product analytics tool that most developers use is Mixpanel. Mixpanel collects data and information from users and your server. This information is then analyzed in real-time to better identify trends and user behavior. It also enables you to integrate contextual analytics data to target users with different communications and experiments to increase user engagement.

Mixpanel Features

Mixpanel offers features such as A/B testing, customer engagement, retention features, mobile surveys, event tracking, comprehensive data tracking, and many more. 

If we were to ask, “Why Mixpanel?” 

Mixpanel Pricing

Mixpanel promises a plan for every product. The pricing includes three options, free, growth, and enterprise.

Why do we need to find Mixpanel alternatives?

Mixpanel believes it has the best features to help answer product questions. Though they offer some fantastic features, it has a lot of shortcomings than most people think.

However, it is mostly not the case. Some users complain that there is currently no support for free plan users. The customer support could have been helpful, but it kept customers hanging and unsatisfied.

Inconsistent and non-visualizing report

As a product analytics tool, one should create a report that most users would love and trust. But, some users complained that the Mixpanel reports were not visual enough. 

Visuals can create a different type of interest for many of its users. While it’s not a deal-breaker for some, it still can provide an impact.

Moreover, some users said in a review that they do not trust Mixpanel’s reporting. The report they had was inconsistent with their own personal data analytics. It left some questioning the reputation of the reports.

Not user-friendly interface

Many customers believe Mixpanel’s interface is excellent, but it can be overwhelming. Especially for first-time developers, beginners might take a long time to figure out everything.

A customer once said that while the dashboard is packed, many things are going on, making it hard to look for a specific feature you want.

Manual Event Tracking

Mixpanel does not save you the cost by requiring engineering resources to customize your event tracking. The implementation needs your best guess about which user event matters the most, e.g., selections, media plays, and purchases. After this, you need to have an engineer construct it all. 

If, later, you realize that your previous guess was not the “best guess,” you have to repeat the whole customization process and risk yourself generating wrong and inconsistent data. 

10 Mixpanel alternatives

The product analytics world does not stop at Mixpanels only. There is a whole world of tools out there that we could use! So we will give you these A-list alternatives that will satisfy your needs.


Heap works in a way where it combines quantitative and qualitative analytics to know the engagement between the customers and your product. 

Unlike Mixpanel, Heap offers automatic event tracking. This feature alone saves the time and effort of product users. Users could devote their time to other more relevant focuses rather than learning complicated implementation.

Moreover, Heap gives a better funnel analysis by tracking the first landing page of users and the last landing page. This feature can lead to a better understanding of user interactions and further optimize the user funnel.

However, it does not offer A/B Testing. But the thing is, it still has a lot of options you can venture on. In addition, Heap has better customer service, which caters to customer problems and queries.

Heap pricing

It has four options when it comes to pricing. The Free, Growth, Pro, and Premier. The free version can provide even up to 10,000 monthly sessions.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most go-to analytics tools. In fact, 50% of the website prefers to use it. Is it an excellent Mixpanel alternative?

It is free but has enough tools to give you an analysis of your data. Google Analytics is much easier to use when compared to Mixpanel. This is also a better option for small businesses since it is free.

Though free and easy to use, Google Analytics is not as good for event tracking. We might need a little help from Mixpanel for this one, or— maybe not because Google Analytics has the 360 version. It provides more advanced tools such as Unsampled Reports, BigQuery Export, and Data-Driven Attribution. Google Analytics 360 also has a service level agreement covering data collection, freshness reporting, a higher processing limit, and access to support specialists.

Google Analytics pricing:

Though it is free, Google Analytics 360 at $150,000 per year. This increases if your site gets more than a billion monthly hits.


CleverTap offers an automated, scalable, and secure ecosystem. It also helps companies understand, segment, and engage users in real-time using context and powerful AI/ML models.

CleverTap focuses mainly on increasing user retention and customer loyalty to mobile apps. It relies on AI suggestions on how a company must improve its revenues and product conversions. Furthermore, it gives more digital channels that allow companies to communicate more with their audience.

Nevertheless, it has the same manual event setup as Mixpane and has become costly for small business owners, but it still does its job well.

CleverTap pricing:
CleverTap does not offer a free version, but you can take a peek at the product through its 14-day trial. The priced version needs contact for naming. But according to Capterra, pricing starts at about $1,000 per month.

Amplitude Analytics

Per Amplitude Analytics, they have ranked number one among the most used product analytics tools. Among their most notable clients are Shopify, Ford, instacart, etc.

One advantage of using Amplitude Analytics is that their platform extends to tablet versions of websites. On top of that, you can also see the way customers explore your product and which feature has been used often by them.

Aside from providing better customer support, it offers a more concise and convenient roadmap and feature updates.

Amplitude Analytics pricing:
The pricing includes a free version called Starter that can cater  to10 million user action per month. 

Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics has many customization options that let you analyze data. It might be a remarkable approach for experienced companies, but this might be too much for smaller enterprises.

On the other note, Adobe Analytics provides more complex features than Mixpanel, which might be the best alternative, especially if you are dealing with Adobe products.

Contrary to its wide range of offers, Adobe Analytics is quite challenging from a small enterprise point of view. The ” challenge ” is not solely based on overwhelming features but also on its high price.

Adobe Analytics pricing: Product pricing requires you to contact their service and depends on your product size.


Kissmetrics delivers advanced product and marketing analysis. You can trace your traffic sources and see how they influence conversions and revenues. You can also track every user action and examine them thoroughly.

Furthermore, in Kissmetrics, it allows you to alias users every time they pay a visit to your website. This is contrary to Mixpanel, where you can match alias to users only once.

Kismmetrics will perform best on web-based products, but if you are an iOS or an Android-based, Mixpanel will outperform Kissmetrics.

Kissmetrics pricing: For SaaS, it offers $299 per month and as low as $299 for the e-commerce starter plan.


Countly is the suitable Mixpanel alternative when you are more concerned about security. It securely processes billions of data points every day for company growth.

Countly maintains very detailed profiles about users and their behavior. You are entirely in control of your data, unlike Mixpanel, where they can access the data and even control its flow.

Although it freely gives you the control, Countly still needs a better configuration view page and a more defined customization feature to help starters.

Countly pricing:
Countly has a free version called the community edition. In contrast, the custom-priced version is called the enterprise edition.



features are much more related to its name. Its Digital Experience Intelligence (DXI) platform gives the “full story” so you can create digital growth and transformation.

A beginner-friendly product that mainly targets consumer apps, FullStory lays out its best features for mobile apps and online stores. Moreover, it exudes collaboration tools that allow a broad stretch of integrations.

Many companies use FullStory with Mixpanel’s JavaScript library to maximize both tools. You can’t do A/B testing on this but despite that, its beginner-friendly features allow you to see the entire customer session. It gives you a peek at how users use your product, which bugs they experienced, etc.

FullStory pricing: FullStory has two pricing options, the Enterprise and the Business. The Business option has a 14-day trial period before it charges you at a custom price.


Pendo is an easy-to-use analytics tool that helps deliver better product experiences for happier and more productive customers. Pendo gives more user information through clicking paths, page views, and others. Through this, product teams can foresee which features they have to improve or retain based on user popularity.

Pendo might have fewer integrations than Mixpanel, but it also has features beyond Mixpanel’s limitations. These features are employee and user onboarding that qualifies to become an acceptable entry when it comes to analytic features.

Pendo pricing: Pendo has four pricing options, free, team, pro, and enterprise

    Quantum Metric

    Quantum Metric focuses on putting people at the heart of your product by helping you increase retention, conversions, and customer loyalty. 

    You can trust that Quantum Metric can provide the experience you want in a product analytics tool. It is jammed with features like A/B testing, conversion tracking, link and keyword tracking, and many more. Aside from that, it also allows you to view customer session like FullStory.

    It also comes with multi-site features, which are absent in Mixpanel. You can also track site search and time-on-site adding more data to your user analysis.

    One disadvantage Quantum Metric has is that the automatic capture of events produces complex data that would require an expert to understand it. But overall, Quantum Metric is your guy if you want to focus on behavioral analytics rather than statistical and event analysis.

    Quantum Metric pricing:
    Quantum Metric requires you to contact their support to agree with pricing to use their features.


    There are still more trusted Mixpanel alternatives that might not be on the list in the meantime. The key to picking the right tool for you depends on what features you want to focus on, your budget, the size of your company, etc.

    The thing is, you have to know your product first before wanting to know your customers. In this way, you might pick the best product for you.

    Do you need a guide in choosing the best Mixpanel alternative for your company? AppGrowthHackers is here to help. We are a group of experts in product analytics tools. Contact us now.